Sunday, January 29, 2006

Restaurant Quality Risotto

Some blog soon I intend to tell the story of why my blog is entitled "The Spaghetti Bender". Until that time, I will write posts about the daily dish that my BBSM serves up.

Today was a catch-up day around our house. Nothing could be more fitting to end the weekend, begin the week, than a superb risotto with asparagus and fresh shrimp that the BBSM cooked up tonight. I believe it was truly one of the better risottos I have ever had. Cooked slowly and meticulously by the book, there were a multitude of flavors in the al dente meal.

The Bender needs nothing more than a little KFC to make the night complete. BBSM won't you come home tonight?


Blogger saucymomma said...

I'm glad you were pleased. It was damned good, huh?

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I'm trying to figure out the BBSM. 'Beautiful Baby Sexy Mama'? or maybe 'Bountiful Bosoms Slay Me'? or possibly 'Beautiful Banisher of the Singles Malaise'?

6:39 AM  

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